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      We started from our garage and now we here. Still from a garage...but proud.

      We've dabbled in university markets, local Glebe markets, dipped our toes in Facebook marketplace, and built an eBay store for over 2 years. We've been there and done that. And now we have eyes set on something bigger - impact.

      We're a small business, founded on a big vision. Just like loved fashion, we're here to stay. Because at Loved Clothes First, we believe loved clothes lasts.

      Behind our mission is a recently graduated western Sydney gal who, at 22, found immense joy in her hobby to flip clothing. On eBay, she managed to build her the freedom to travel and put money towards building her dream business. Not only that, her customers on the receiving end were thrilled, and excited to embrace the new sustainable way to shop without the price tag.




      Deeper than this experience was Cindy's mixed Cambodian, Chinese, Vietnamese and Australian heritage. She often felt the cultural stigma towards used fashion all too overwhelming.

      "Why couldn't I buy $20 used sneakers, and save the $100 towards a travel fund?"

      For most people keeping up with fast fashion was addicting...though all too costly.

      Curiosity was truly her guiding light, and now we're here because of it. She was determined more than ever to power the growth of the secondhand clothing world... One loved item at a time.


      SO WHY THE "WE"?

      To put together this site, to launch our dream, to take leaps, we needed a whole team. Mum, Dad, our friends... We wouldn't be here without our whole #LCFFamily.

      And now we're excited you're finally here.

      Welcome! *Elbow high fi* (because you know, Covid).


      Like what you see? Believe in what you see? 

      Come join us by tagging us on Instagram with the hashtag #LCFfamily. We'll happily feature our community! Let's grow!